Brazil - Michelin - SIGMA Clermont

This year, SIGMA Clermont will welcome three students from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro for an advanced mechanics dual master’s degree programme.

Modifié le 06 Feb 2017
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They will be the first generation of students to benefit from the dual degree agreement signed between SIGMA Clermont and UFRJ earlier in 2016.

A particularity of this dual degree is the financial support provided by the Michelin company. Before arriving at SIGMA Clermont, the students are selected conjointly by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Michelin Brazil.

For the first two semesters of their stay at SIGMA Clermont, the Brazilian students will receive a BRAFITEC grant. Then, starting with their third semester, they will receive financial aid provided by Michelin Brazil.
This special grant programme is part of the ongoing co-operation between SIGMA Clermont and Michelin to train future Michelin managers across the world.