Brazil: visit from Institut Federal Sul-Rio-Grandense (IFSUL)

Visit by Professor Pedro Hernandez from IFSUL, in the framework of our Dual Degree and the BRAFITEC programme.

Modifié le 11 Apr 2024
Visite IFSUL Nov 2019.JPG

Professor Pedro Hernandez, from our BRAFITEC and Dual Degree partner IFSUL (Porto Alegre, Brazil) was present at SIGMA Clermont last week to meet Brazilian students currently studying in our school. His visit also gave rise to discussions on new research opportunities between the two institutions.

Brazilian students compose the largest nation group of incoming students at SIGMA Clermont, which has hosted over 75 Brazilians since 2014. Most of these incoming mobility actions have been within the framework of our 8 Dual Degree programmes with Brazilian university partners.