A delegation from ESTIEM was recently welcomed by SIGMA Clermont for a series of workshops with our students.

Modifié le 11 Apr 2024

The ESTIEM student organisation (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) Aims to federate industrial engineering students across Europe through events combining cultural, economic and academic activities. Its members are European students of Industrial Engineering and Management. Comprised of SIGMA Clermont students, the Auvergne Local Group officially joined ESTIEM in 2016 with Guest Member status, the first step towards Observer Member and then Full Member status.

The Auvergne Local Group hosted at SIGMA Clermont an ESTIEM Board Meeting, with the presence of the ESTIEM Central Bureau members. This first event organized by the Auvergne Local Group will enable it to attain Observer Member status at the next Council Meeting, which will take place in April 2019 in Tampere, Finland.

During the week, numerous meetings and exchanges took place, including a presentation to SIGMA Clermont faculty members by the ESTIEM board. Following this week-long event, the partnership between the school and the Auvergne Local Group will be reinforced, in order to encourage students to participate in ESTIEM academic events and to become active within the network.