Student clubs and associations

The Student Office website presents around thirty clubs and associations run by and for SIGMA Clermont students, where they can develop their talents as organisers, managers and communicators. These include sports, outdoor, humanitarian, technological and cultural activities, as well as micro-enterprises and event organisation.

SIGMA Clermont Students' Office

Many different areas are concerned by the various clubs and associations.

  • Sports / outdoor: many individual and team sports are available to our students thanks to the Sports Office, which organises training and competitions on sports fields near the school.


SIGMAtelot is concerned with water sports (participation in the EDHEC sailing race); AéroSIGMA is for aviation (BIA and CAEA training programmes), and OXYGENE organises outdoor sports (skiing, hiking, etc.)



There are even student pompom girls to encourage the players.


  • Culture: the school has a theatre troop, Comedia del SIGMA, and SIGMA Clermont's musicians can join ZIKMA.



Two journals (Le Macaque Déchaîné and Le CHMURF) keep everbody informed of the latest news. The BDA, Nunchak'art, International Team and SICom (Sound, Image, Communication) participate in the cultural life of the school. Equilibre proposes fresh products direct from the market, and other "fair trade" actions.

Gala Sigma 2016 - web.jpg

The welcome barbecue and the Integration Weekend organised by the students are other key events on the SIGMA Clermont Student calendar.

  • Technology: the student associations in the field of technical performance are numerous and varied, with Mécaction, SIGMA team Eco-Challenge (2nd-place in the 2014 prototype challenge), SIGMEKATRO (robotics), Racing, and SIGMoto.

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  • Humanitarian: students can participate in humanitarian actions through associations like AFM Telethon, ACTIS (working with primary schools) Maroc'Ailes (SIGMA student teams participating in the annual 4L Trophy), and Solidarité Internationale des Etudiants Clermontois (construction of a school in Togo).


  • Grizzly Shop proposes SIGMA-branded articles and clothing.