Collaborations with ENSAM Casablanca

This week, SIGMA Clermont received a visit from Professor Abdelmjid Abourriche, Deputy Director of ENSAM Casablanca, for discussions on extending the scope of our current collaborations.

Modifié le 26 Nov 2018

SIGMA Clermont has had a collaboration agreement with Hassan II University of Casablanca since 2016, and signed a specific agreement with its engineering school, ENSAM Casablanca, in January 2018. Last October SIGMA Clermont welcomed a first wave of six ENSMA Casablanca students, who are here for semesters 9 and 10 and enrolled in our three mechanical departments; three of them are in Mechanics of Materials, two in Industrial and Logistics Systems and one in Machines, Mechanisms and Systems.


Professeur A. Abourriche with Sophie Commereuc

Discussions during Professor Abourriche’s visit were focused on adding to our existing activities: continuation of the semester exchange program, creation of a dual degree, research collaborations in mechanical engineering and chemistry, and the development of shared activities in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. Professor Abourriche had extremely fruitful exchanges with Sophie Commereuc (overall policy), Nicolas Gayton (research in mechanics), Hélène Marian (entrepreneurship), Sylvie Ducki (research in chemistry) and David Turner (international relations), as well as guided visits of the mechanical technology centre and chemistry laboratories. The visit was concluded by an informal meeting with the six ENSAM students and Christoph Caux (Director of Studies).