Intensification of research collaborations with OTH Regensburg (Germany)

Last week, Professor Alexis Beakou, Deputy Director of SIGMA Clermont, visited the Fakultät Maschinenbau (mechanical engineering faculty) of OTH Regensburg to discuss current research projects and new opportunities for collaboration.

Modifié le 12 Jul 2018
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Professor Beakou was welcomed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Briem, Dean of the Fakultät Maschinenbau, and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ingo Ehrlich, head of the Labor Faserverbundtechnik (fibre-reinforced plastic technology laboratory).

The transnational "4-Point Bending Tests" project was presented in detail by Marco Siegl, M.Sc. The project is part of his doctoral thesis work, which develops new mathematical models to describe the mechanical behavior of fibre-reinforced tubes. SIGMA Clermont student Aurélien Vauge is currently at OTH and working on this project.

Professor Beakou also visited the Labor Robotik (robotics laboratory), the Labor Windkanal-Strömungsmesstechnik (wind tunnel laboratory) and the Labor Verbrennungsmotoren (internal combustion engine laboratory).

OTH and SIGMA Clermont discussed the extension of this fruitful collaboration to other projects.

The two partner institutions have a dual degree programme, enabling students from both OT and SIGMA Clermont to obtain a second master’s degree with the partner organization.

Before leaving Regensburg, Professor Beakou invited our German colleagues to visit SIGMA Clermont in the coming months.