Quality management - ISO 9001 certification

IFMA was first certified ISO 9001 for quality management in 2012. When SIGMA Clermont was created by the merger of IFMA and ENSCCF, it was naturally decided that the new school should also have the same level of certification.

Modifié le 24 Aug 2017

SIGMA Clermont’s quality management system was audited in June 2017 by Bureau Veritas. The aim of this audit was to ensure, from an objective point of view, that the management system was compliant to the standards of ISO 9001. The auditor reported “a system which is identified, efficient and understood”, and had “no reservations about the certification” of the school. The domain covered by this certification is “the design and implementation of engineering training programmes, research activities and industrial relations in an international context.”

Sophie Commereuc, director of SIGMA Clermont, said: “We all appreciate the importance of this certification, which represents a real commitment to quality on the part of all the stakeholders of our school: students, partner companies, personnel...”