SIGMA Clermont reinforces its collaborations with Japan

A recent mission to Japan enabled a SIGMA Clermont delegation to organize a recruitment fair on the campuses of its partner the Shibaura Institute of Technology in Tokyo. This visit followed on from a strategy meeting with the Japanese team at SIGMA Clermont in June 2018.

Modifié le 11 Apr 2024

In Tokyo, the SIGMA delegation met students interested by an exchange semester in France starting next September. Among the SIGMA Clermont programs proposed, the INNOMECH Master’s course (covering robotics and innovative materials and taught entirely in English) was a clear favorite. This program enables international students to continue their studies in France without the problems of a language barrier.

SIGMA Clermont signed a framework agreement with Shibaura Institute of Technology in August 2018, enabling scientific collaborations and student exchanges between the two partner institutions. Conjoint research programs are planned, with exchanges of research faculty, student mobility and also workshops and seminars.

Another exciting result of this mission to Japan is the organization of a Winter School project for February 2020. In close collaboration with Mitsubishi FUSO Tracks & Buses, groups of French and Japanese students will work together on a semester-long project with real industrial objectives provided by Mitsubishi FUSO. In the Ferbruary, a two-week-long seminar will bring the French and Japanese student teams together in Tokyo to wrap up the project and present the results to the Mitsubish FUSO managers.