SIGMA Clermont welcomes a delegation from HS Bochum

Within the framework of a convention between SIGMA Clermont and Hochschule Bochum (University of Applied Sciences), the school hosted a delegation from our German partner for the SIGMA International Day on 29th November. The delegation made a presentation to our students in the morning, and had a guided visit of the school and strategy discussions with the International Office team in the afternoon.

Modifié le 11 Apr 2024

Our colleagues from Bochum were Ms. Katrin Heymann, Director of International Relations, and Ms. Marion Werthebach, Professor in the Department of Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering. Marion Werthebach knows our school well, since she was a teacher at IFMA for 5 years before returning to Germany to work at HS Bochum.

The aim of the visit was to reinforce the links between SIGMA Clermont and the University of Applied Sciences of Bochum, particularly in the fields of robotics, advanced mechanics and management.

Our visitors were able to see first-hand the missions and activities of SIGMA Clermont, and meet our students in order to promote studies in Germany in general and at Bochum in particular.

The representatives of the two institutions were very satisfied with their exchanges, which opened up real perspectives for further collaborations, including dual degree programs and collaborative student projects.