Getting Started

You might want to check out how FERUM works by running one of the examples provided with the program package. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Download the archive file, extract all compressed files to a directory of your choice (extraction with pathnames) and add all the extracted files and their respective directories to your Search Path, as described in the Download menu.
  2. Read one of the example inputfiles into your Matlab workspace. This can be done by issuing the command >> inputfile_xxx in Matlab. You now have the necessary input parameters for a reliability analysis in your current Matlab workspace.
  3. Issue the command >> ferum in the Matlab workspace.
  4. Choose a specific option (e.g. option 10 for a FORM analysis).
  5. The program now performs an analysis corresponding to the selected option and gives you intermediate results/information as it runs.
  6. If the analysis is successful, you will finally see an overview of the available result parameters on the screen. These results are gathered in the fields of a specific structure in the Matlab workspace (e.g. formresults if a FORM analysis is run).