Sponsors, License agreement

The program files are made available under the conditions of the GNU General Public License. This implies that you may download the program for free. However, if you make changes or additions you must make them available for free under the same general public license.

New developments in FERUM mainly result from a long-term objective of the coordinator, who would like to thank here the following institutions for their financial supports over the last few years:

  • EdF R&D through EdF R&D - IFMA - PHIMECA joint research agreement,
  • the French National Agency for Research (ANR) through the CISSSI project (Calcul Intensif Stochastique et Sûreté des Systèmes Industriels - Computationally-demanding stochastic methods and safety of industrial systems).

FERUM is a set of functions/scripts written in the Matlab® script language. It may require additional toolboxes, such as the Optimization Toolbox for a N2LA RBDO analysis and the Statistical Toolbox for a Sobol’ Global Sensitivity Analysis (if based on a Sobol’ sequence from this toolbox).

Some FERUM methods make use of a few functions/tools developed by other researchers. Here is a list of works which were wholly or partly included in FERUM.

FERUM analyses may also be run with external codes (such as Finite Element codes), with the development of a specific interface. The current version is compatible with Code_Aster®, running on a Windows OS. A Windows 64 version of Code_Aster® may be asked from ALNEOS.