Program Overview

FERUM 4.1 collection files are currently organized as follows:
Main directory
ferum.m main file, definition of distributions, FERUM pre-processing files (update_data.m, distribution_parameter.m), Nataf model specific files including mod_corr_solve.m main file (files necessary for FORM sensitivities in the sensitivities directory), mapping from physical space to standard space (and reverse), limit-state function main file (gfun.m) and gfunbasic.m
inputfile directory
Examples of inputfiles, input file template (inputfile_template.m)

gfunction directory
Examples of limit-state functions defined through Matlab .m files

FORM directory
Search for a single design point with the iHL-RF algorithm (form.m), search for possible multiple design points (form_multiple_dspts.m, via calls to form.m), auxiliary files

sensitivities directory
All files necessary to assess FORM sensitivities w.r.t. distribution parameters thetaf (means, standard deviations, correlation, distribution parameters) and deterministic parameters thetag in the limit-state function

SORM directory
SORM curvature-fitting method (sorm_cfh.m) and SORM point-fitting method (sorm_pf.m), auxiliary files

distributions directory
Distribution of the limit-state function based on a Monte Carlo simulation (distribution_analysis.m)

simulations directory
Crude Monte Carlo (CMC) simulation or Importance Sampling (IS) (simulation_single_dspt.m, simulation_single_dspt_lowRAM.m), Mersenne Twister pseudo-random number generator (C++ source files twister.cpp-32bit and twister.cpp-64bit respectively for 32-bit and 64-bit computational platforms, Windows .dll file, Linux 32-bit .mexglx file)

dir_simulations directory
Directional Simulation (dir_simulation.m) with either random or deterministic directions (call to eq_point_set.m function and auxiliary files in eq_sphere_partitions directory)

subset_simulations directory
Subset Simulation (subset_simulation.m) and auxiliary files

2SMART directory
²SMART simulation (ssvm_simulation.m), kmeans clustering files (kmeans subdirectory) and auxiliary files

Sobol directory
Global Sensitivity Analysis based on Sobol’ indices (Sobol_SA.m), either through calls to the original limit-state function or to a SVR surrogate (Support Vector Regression). Sobol’ quasirandom sequences generated by means of the Matlab Statistical Toolbox or the sobolseq51 Windows .ddl file from BRODA (BRODA subdirectory). Training samples possibly re-arranged by means of Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation (CVT subdirectory)

N2LA directory
Nested bi-level RBDO analysis based on FORM and gradient of beta index w.r.t. design variables (N2LA.m), Polak-He optimization algorithm (ph_quadprog.m), fun.m auxiliary files

SVM directory
Spider toolbox (spider subdirectory), SVM auxiliary files (svm_init.m and svr_init.m: initialization for classification and regression respectively,
train_SVR.m: training of a SVR surrogate, eval_svm.m: evaluation based on a SVM surrogate, used both for classification and regression, gfunsvr.m: SVR surrogate function)

ferum_in_loop directory
Example script files showing how to call FERUM in a silent mode

aster_files directory
Files required for external calls to Code_aster Finite Element code in a sequential way (inputfile, gfunaster.m function called by gfun.m, Windows specific files, Code_aster template files, gawk binary, gawk file for post processing of FE results)