Innomech - Master's Certificate in English (1 year)

Innomech is an Engineering Master's program ("Diplôme d'Etablissement") taught in English. It is a specialized degree focusing on advanced materials and mechanism design & control to manage complex systems


  • The master is designed to promote a high-quality educational offer in the areas of advanced materials and the design and control of complex systems (with a particular focus on industrial machines and robots).
  • After completion the students will have mastered the different areas of complex mechanisms (such as mathematical modeling, mechanical design, material modeling, control engineering and sensor integration).
  • The course covers all the main themes necessary to be able to deal with complex mechanisms as a whole, rather than just concentrating on one particular area.
  • Students may take the master as a professional terminal degree, or to join PhD programs afterwards.
  • A certified minimum B1 level in English is required to join the Innomech program.
  • Fees: 3770 euros per year. 

Testimonials from Innomech students

 Hyeondeok (South Korea)



Nikolina (Germany)



Zahraa (Lebanon)